Guide to Police Work (Sticker)

Guide to Police Work (Sticker)


Guide to Police Work:

  • Theft: the taking of another’s property without consent; primarily done during searches and investigations

  • Bribery: demanding or receiving payment for criminal offenses, to overlook a crime

    or a possible future crime

  • Excessive Force: using more force than is reasonably necessary to arrest or gain control of the victim

  • Failure to Intervene: when an officer fails to intervene when witnessing another officer acting irresponsibly

  • Witness Tampering: the attempt to change or alter a witness testimony by bribes, threats or other coercive measures

  • Testilying: the act of giving false testimony; also referred as ,“Police Perjury”

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture: the seizure of one’s property believed to be involved in a criminal activity

  • Illegal Chokeholds: a grappling hold that reduces air or blood from passing through the neck of the victim; a practice banned in New York since in 1993

  • Racial Profiling: the practice of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual’s race, ethnicity, religion or national origin  

  • Stop & Frisk: practice of temporarily detaining, questioning and searching victims; in 2017, 90% of those that were stopped and frisked were Black or Latino

  • Planted Evidence: evidence that has been changed to make it appear as related to the accused party

  • False Arrest: the unlawful restraint of a person’s freedom of movement; also occurs when an individual is held against their will or is taken into custody without consent or without legal justification

  • Sexual Coercion: use of coercive authority or threat of arrest or criminal charges to engage in sexual contact against someone’s will; used during occurrences of traffic stops, riddealongs and mentorship programs

  • 4th Amendment Violations: failure to provide protection from unreasonable government intrusion into their persons, homes, and property 

  • 5th Amendment Violations: absence of a grand jury, prevention of double jeopardy, failure to provide protection against self-incrimination; Miranda Rights

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