Poetry Contest Winners!

As a way to celebrate Black History Month, we ran a poetry contest that focused on Black Girl Magic. 

Contestants submitted pieces throughout the country and we even received a few submissions from Canada too.


Today, we are pleased to announce that we have our winners. Terimarie Degree with "Abracafuckindabra"; Oscar Bruce with "Black Women"; and Giselle X with "Black Women, White World". 


Abracafuckindabra by Terimarie Degree

Amulet polishing in the early morn
whisper praying
creating new life with a single word
declaring protection over close kin
fending off illnesses of the mind and spirit like depression

and bitchassness

inviting death to enemies
be it a literal physical loss of too much life blood after a stabbing or a metaphorical social demise via a Black Twitter dragging

the intention placed behind each utterance summons the ancient magick
transforming its effects

while sprinklin Lawry's over eggs
and mixin cheese in grits
she is equipped to create or crumble any foundation

be thankful or beware

the Nubian enchantress armed with the knowledge of this ancient incantation Abracafuckindabra
it's power
plus her strength

ain't nuthin to play with

About the author: Terimarie Degree is a mid-west residing poet and writer. Growing up with both parents serving in the US Navy afforded the opportunity to live everywhere from southern California to unique locales such as the Aleutian Islands of Alaska.  These experiences have supplied reflections that cover an assortment of topics from commentary on the natural world and the role of humans in it, relationships, faith and family. Having kept her love for writing mostly private for over 20 years; she began sharing with the world in late 2014 and hasn't looked back!  She has a number of poems published online as well as work in three chapbooks: Permeable to the Year (2017), The Third Eye (2017) and Where I Want to Live (2018).

For more of her work, check her website here: http://www.terimariedegree.com/list-of-works/


Black Women by Oscar Bruce

I hit the gym just for you

I know those other guys checking for you

never question your loyalty

but I want to make the decision easy on you, I want to build you up nurture you watch you

grow girl


Shine that light on you watch you Glo’


Cole aint my Friend but you go girl.

I watch you be unapologetic

while I play the background

I’ll be your backbone

for you to fall on

With me its hakuna matata

Girl you inspire Macgyver

Girl you work it so damn hard you could early retire

This goes out to you


all of Y’all


My number Ones

Superstars in your own right and if it aint too much to ask

Could I stand in y’all shine?

Photosynthesize with y’all photogenic ass

I mean picture this


The sky aint the limit just a place you gonna go through

on your way to the top

And when I talk about top

just know I’m talking conversational

Cause I’ve always been a fan of the intellectual

Women you been working so damn hard

Let me uplift you


I don’t know whats next for you, but I know its delectable

If we just being honest I watched the Cosby show SIMPLY

Because I was amazed with Clair Huxtable

Black Girl how you get so wonderful? Serious question


Y’all got a cheat code or something?

Y’all not telling Me something?


Cause even on your off days

In those “leggings and t-shirts” you looking like crab legs and Obay

A snack I must say mighty tasty


And of course I’m gonna build you up because I know what it feels like to be left to drown

Cause Black Women go missing and barely anyone makes a sound

And as a man I know we have to be better to you.


But this Black man vows to be better for you.

About the author: Oscar Bruce is an artist from Freeport Long Island and has been writing and performing for about 7 years. You can find him on Twitter at @sav_Bruce and on Instagram at @Sav.Bruce.

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