AHUS x No White Saviors



We are honored to announce that, starting September 15, we’ll be partnering-up with No White Saviors and adding them to our list of organizations to donate to.

No White Saviors (NWS) is a majority female collective. Their team (Olivia, Wendy and Kelsey), working on the ground in Uganda, does a phenomenal job educating and calling out atrocious practices, both domestically and globally. Such wrongs include, unethical adoptions and medical practices, where Black and Brown bodies pay the ultimate price.

At AHUS, we find it imperative to give to groups that do exceptional work. NWS is bringing change to the current state of development and missionary work. We look to collaborate with organizations committed to such acts of social change.

This partnership is also important to us because of NWS’ relentless effort to expose truths, advocate on behalf of others and eradicate white supremacy, even when it puts them at risk.

Please help us welcome NWS by choosing them as the organization to donate to at the checkout window before finalizing your purchase. Additionally, get to know NWS by visiting their website here.

To donate directly to NWS, click the link here.