AHUS x @falkyou

This month, AHUS has partnered with Alison Falk of @sextechspace and @womenintechpgh, to raise aid for Yellowhammer Fund (@yellowfund), the nonprofit that provides financial support to those seeking abortions in the state of Alabama. Throughout July, 20% of sale profits of our “Believe Womxn” shirt will go exclusively to Yellowhammer fund.


Alison created @womenintechpgh as a platform to highlight womxn and femmes in Pittsburgh’s tech scene. Additionally, she established @sextechspace to highlight the intersection and disruption of tech and human sexuality in order to help create new solutions and innovative approaches [to] sex education, inclusive sexual health and wellness access, sexual violence, etc.

Alison is passionate about giving womxn and femmes a space to openly celebrate their contributions to STEM. She also recognizes the hurdles that those with vulvas face when it comes to seeking basic and emergency care and the multitude of barriers along the way (travel, lodging, etc.).