AHUS x Wear Your Voice



We are proud to announce that, starting February 4, we’ll be partnering-up with Wear Your Voice and adding them to our list of organizations to donate to.

Wear Your Voice (WYV) is an intersectional feminist publication. It is run by women and femmes of color that have been making more room for marginalized voices away from the white, cis-centric, heteronormative, patriarchal gaze.

At AHUS, we find it imperative to give to groups that do exceptional work both for and within marginalized communities. WYV exemplifies such a group, committed to intersectionality. They take on the task of highlighting and prioritizing the voices of Black women and femmes.

This partnership is also important to us because of WYV’ commitment to covering subject matter not typically found in other publications. The diverse issues they cover is a reflection of their writing staff and a reflection of the country as a whole.

Please help us welcome WYV by choosing them as the organization to donate to at the checkout window before finalizing your purchase. Additionally, get to know WYV by visiting their website here.

To donate directly to WYV, click the link here.