Women of Color Entrepreneur Evening

Last Sunday, we had our Entrepreneur Evening in Brooklyn!

Little Skips East in Bushwick was packed and our panelists (Miabelle, Ivie Ani, Dor, Kimberly and Linda Thatch) and moderator (Ashley Simpo) did not disappoint. 

The evening was designed to offer women of color a space to engage with & learn from those they could identify with that have taken roads less traveled. And they did! We had a captivated audience as 100% attention was on our presenters that shared stories of finding their way in their respective fields. Issues like the gender pay gap, women in  business, mental health and inclusion were discussed. At the end, we had a Q&A and attendees were able to network with each other and the panelists.

Attendees walked away inspired. 

So much thanks to be given to the crew (Amanda, Danielle and Autumn). The event was an absolute success and may have been our best one! Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts.