Victor Cruz in BW

G*d gave me an eagle eye for a reason. 

Last February, for Black History Month, Scottie Beam sent out a call to action: “I want to wear a shirt or hoody that is Black-owned everyday.” The only rules were it had to be “dope” and “Black as hell.” 

My ears burned when I heard this and immediately contacted Scottie via email. She responded back and sent us a shipping address. Within a week, she sported our Black “Believe Women” tee and shouted us out on Instagram. (Visit our February post here.)

I immediately dug in the comments of her post to see who liked the shirt and rocked with our message. Victor Cruz’s image appeared and I reached out to him. 

VC said he’d love to rock the tee and forwarded his shipping address. This week he sported the tee in a video while marketing his new Air Force One Victor Cruz.

Thank you VC and thank you Scottie. Through Black Women, all is possible.


Busy RiveraComment