Danielle on The Jenell B. Stewart Podcast

AHUS’ very own, Danielle Achong did the Jenell B. Stewart Podcast. 

This was only Danielle’s second interview (and first ever podcast) but it didn’t appear that way. Jenell and Danielle discussed everything about the brand, including how we got our start, why the name “America Hates US” and what those that aren’t familiar with us should know. 

Danielle also made mention of her background as an occupational therapist, her roots in Brooklyn and living and practicing a healthy life. The two also shared their love of foods, especially Trinidadian delicacies as Danielle is Trini as well as Jenell’s husband.

Thank you Jenell for giving us a platform to talk our shit and inform others about AHUS.

We are so very proud of you, D. Kudos!