Tips for Men To Help Them Speak Out in Support of Women

A friend that works at the Joyful Heart Foundation forwarded this to me: Seven Tips To Help Men Speak Out in Support of #MeToo ( It offers sound and practical advice on how men can serve as better allies to women.

The list includes: Listening to Women; Stepping Up When the Moment's In Front of You; Trusting Women; Recognizing Abusers Can Appear as "Good Guys" Too; Sympathizing with Survivors (Not Abusers); Avoiding the Cliches (I Have a Daughter, Wife, etc.); and Sticking to Reality, Not the Exceptions.

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Joyful Heart carries out its mission through an integrated program portfolio of healing, education, and advocacy. Its work includes paving the way for innovative approaches to treating trauma, igniting shifts in the way the public views and responds to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, and reforming legislation to ensure justice for survivors.

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