We Took 160 Girls To See "A Wrinkle in Time"

Through our initiative to take 100 girls of color to see the film, "A Wrinkle in Time" because Representation Matters, we took over 160.

On Friday, March 9, at Cobble Hill Cinemas in Brooklyn, students from P.S. 9, P.S. 384, I.S. 392, Park Place Community Middle School 266 and East New York Middle School of Excellence got their own private screening of the film. 


Before the start of the movie, we played a video submitted by award winning writer, performer and activist, Dominique Christina. In the clip below, Dominique expressed how excited she was that the girls were about to see a film that was driven by a young Black girl (Storm Reid) and starred other women of color (Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling). Dominique reminded these girls that they were worthy of this experience and being reflected both on and off screen.


The girls also received a special introduction by Essence's entertainment director, Cori Murray. She let the girls know the significance of director Ava Duvernay casting a Black girl as the protagonist.


After the film, the girls gave their reviews and each received a copy of the book.


Special thanks again to all that made this possible.

Thank you to our sponsors, through much of this would not have been done. Jack Brown III (Core Services Group) and Arch Bishop Eugene Blount (Elim International Fellowship). 

Thank you to those that made contributions to this project: Linda Thatch (@littleskips), Soraya Joseph (@soraya.joseph), the Luna family, Aaron Saunders, Stephanie Heise (@stephnovember), Adrianna Dufay, Carol Ann Schechter, Jamaica Kelly (@jamaicatrue), Billie Carney, Jerry & Courtney, Earlene Baptiste, Euline Robin and Thomas Jenkins.

To the volunteers: CiCi (@ciciadams_), Candace (@snobcandy), Autumn (@itsautumnm), Brigitte (@brightornwood), Debra, Isla, Roxanne, Sky and Amanda (miss_amandaluna). Thanks to photographers and videographers Wes (@initialwesley) and Cathy. 

Thanks again to Quincy (@quincyjaxxon) for helping us steer this ship and making a good project into a great project.

Big thanks to Kim (PopLife Ent.) who saw from the start that this project could be done and knew that we were the ones that could do it.