Raising Aid After Irma (PUERTO RICO)


You guys did this!
Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on the island and people of PUERTO RICO in September. There were more than 40 deaths and more than a million residents lost power due to damages caused by the storm. In response, the people became proactive when it was evident that the US government would not be. 

Through the generosity of its followers, AHUS raised close to $400 in a short period. Supporters were also able to donate non-perishables foods and supplies, which were dropped off at a donation site (55 Hanson Place in Brooklyn). Thank you for all your likes, RTs & donations. #PuertoRico #PR

AHUS aims to tackle raising aid and awareness to Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda at its next pop up on November 4 (location and time TBD).

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