Make America Hate Again (Poem by Extremity Brown)

Our first piece of content and it is equally as impactful as the apparel.

Written by: Extremity Brown (@iamextremity)


Divided States of America (America Hates Us)

My country tis of thee
Sweet land of superiority
Of thee I sing.
Land where our black fathers die
Land where you turn a blind eye
Then bury your heads in the sand to hide
 Let ignorance ring...

Hate fuels hate behind closed doors
In cities where only certain lives matter more
Keeping communities divided and voices subsided
You believe it will Make America Great Again
But instead, you Make America Hate Again.

Perpetuating socioeconomic segregation
Neighborhoods have become the new ghetto plantations
Then rob the culture of its heritage for ultimate exploitation
You say it will Make America Great Again
When in reality, it will Make America Hate Again.

You deploy us to fight overseas to ‘protect’ our land
But won’t respect us here at home as a black woman or GAY man
And can’t comprehend why we take a knee or make a bold stand
You’re determined to Make America Great Again
However, you will only Make American Hate Again.

Well, our purpose is to flip the narrative
And force the conversation, which is imperative
Being the catalyst to make us more progressive.

We will shape the stories to strengthen free thought
And continue the battle our ancestors fought
We are powerful free thinkers that can’t be bought.

Starring (in order of appearance): Troy Fox, Skylar Rivera, Saidahi Imani, Steve Carr, Devon Whitham, Erika Solano, Andrea Dalzell, Dalin Rivera, Danielle Achong, Will, Joel Toro

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