Miabelle (Hot 97), Linda Thach (Little Skips), Dor (DorToMySoul), Kimberly Barker (Ksquared Cosmetics), Ivie Anie (okayplayer) and Ashley Simpo (iheartradio)

Representation Matters! This event was created with that sentiment in mind. The evening will provide WOC a space to engage with and learn from those they can identify with who have taken roads less traveled. the evening will consist of a panel discussion with women that have become trailblazers in their respective fields. From restaurant ownership, to journalism to cosmetics and more, Each has found their niche and decided to share the gems that have led to their success.

As well as receiving tips and learning of the challenges in becoming a successful entrepreneur, attendees also will be treated. Each guest will get their own professional headshot taken, one cocktail and a to-go bag of AHUS merchandise.

Finally, because this woman-led initiative was designed to foster the professional development of other women, in-kind clothing donations will be accepted and donated to Bottomless Closet. 

Attendees that make such donations will be eligible for a reduced ticket entry for $10. Those not making in-kind donations are required to pay $15 for entry. 

This event is, of course, open to all. Allies are welcomed And encouraged to be a part of the evening.