Latina Power Con Frida

Latina Power Con Frida


Latina Power to me is my grandmother’s tortillas... an old recipe that has seen many generations, perfectly round due to hardwork and practice, flipped with our fingertips because we’re strong and unfazed, and put on the table to feed a whole family with the utmost love. 

My identity and Latina pride were fostered at my grandparents’ house, and most often, in the kitchen and at the table. Heritage, hardwork, strength, family, and love, is what Latina Power means to me.

- Amanda Luna (AHUS)


In support of our sister, Alejandra Pablos, 20% of profits of our Latina Power shirt will go to aiding her legal expenses as she's fighting for her freedom against deportation. To learn more about Alejandra, visit and share her website: and follow her on instagram here. #keepalefree #abolishice

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